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Catalystx has designed a Three-Stage Process specifically to meet your needs. We provide you peace of mind when making vital decisions to go international, develop a clear pathway to integrate into global eCommerce ecosystems, and manage your overseas eCommerce operations and marketing activities once you're in the markets.




Stage 1


This is the exploratory stage where we evaluate your export readiness, new market feasibility, competition environment, risks, and financial performance in the context of international trade. 
From this research, we develop your business’s international expansion blueprint, from pricing strategy to eCommerce marketing implementation plan. Our goal is transparency and clarity, so you have what you need to make decisions and can trust that every step we take together is aimed at your success.

Readiness & Feasibility

Comprehensive assessment of your organizational exporting readiness and suitability, new market feasibility, competition environment, and potential international trade risks.

Financial Performance

Full disclosure of financial performance projections in the context of international trade, scrutinized by complete scenario and sensitivity analysis.


Conducting cost and competitor's pricing analysis, and developing a pricing strategy for exporting.


Development of a comprehensive strategy made specifically for your business to succeed overseas.


Stage 2


Entering a new market, especially an international one, can be a daunting and seemingly impossible task. The eCommerce markets your business is entering exist on platforms westerners are largely unfamiliar with and can sometimes be inaccessible by Google or other usual channels. The culture and language are strange, and the rules of engagement are literally foreign. Plus, how can you be sure that your product, and most importantly the idea behind it, will be safe? This is where we come in. Our unique process ensures that your business is on the right platforms, reaching the right people, speaking the right language and behaving as it should, while also being protected legally.

Application Management

Preparation and management of your market-entry documents and applications for onboarding to overseas eCommerce.

Brand & Marketing Material Adaptation

Translating your brand & marketing content to a foreign audience while respecting and maintaining your core brand strategic pillars.

Configuration & Optimization

Designing and building your online presence, ensuring solid focus on customer experience, optimizing your SEO & PPC strategies to maximize every penny of your marketing investment.

Ecosystem Onboarding &

Tying your business operations with global eCommerce ecosystems, including supply chain, payment, CRM, ERP, and Marketing Management.

IP Protection

Protecting your intellectual property assets, developing a monitoring system so that you have peace of mind and can act quickly if needed.


Stage 3


Your international trade business, like the one in Canada, requires regular maintenance and ongoing care to grow and prosper. But managing multiple markets, especially a foreign one as complex and large as many Asian e-markets, is difficult. Language barriers, time zone differences, and intercultural communication gaps all add up to a very challenging business environment. Our solution is to monitor and maintain your online presence in selected markets, help bridge the cultural and language gaps, integrate business systems in a way that you see results and can trust, and accelerate the growth of your international trade business.

Marketing Management

Developing seasonal and culturally relevant sales, advertising, and marketing campaigns for your business to help support growth and maintain your position in the overseas e-markets.

Quality Control & Reporting

Providing regular reporting to you and conducting routine performance reviews regarding the local market implementations to ensure top performance and sustainable growth for your international trade business.

eCommerce Operation 

Overseeing the day-to-day maintenance of your presence in the foreign markets across platforms, and maintaining and managing service provider and trade partner relationships.

Supply Chain Management

Continuously optimizing your overseas eCommerce supply chain performance, including international shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, order fulfilment, and last-mile delivery.

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