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Founder's Story

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Calvin Xiao was born and raised in Beijing, China. After graduating from University, he chased a passion for marketing and advertising. In his twenties, he joined Grey Group as an advertising strategist, and later gained international experience as an account director overseeing key global accounts at Ogilvy Advertising. In 2011, he permanently relocated to Canada. Since then, Calvin has been continuously expanding his expertise and experience in marketing management and international trade.

​Calvin has a passion for international marketing management and is committed to helping Canadian businesses stand out and succeed on the international stage. To support this work, he has acquired two professional designations: the Certified International Trade Professional (Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)) and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (College IC – Collège IC).

​Having achieved one of his three goals in moving to Canada, Calvin graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a master's degree in Business Administration (Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan). Thereby achieving his second goal of graduating from a Canadian university.

​A proud Canadian, Calvin is equally proud to say Catalystx Co. is a Canadian firm. He credits living in Canada for encouraging him to dream bigger and create bolder goals. So, on his 10th anniversary in Canada, Calvin founded Catalystx Co. ( to begin the journey of pursuing his third dream. He says Catalystx is his way of showing gratitude and paying things forward by helping Canadian businesses succeed in overseas markets.