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A Pathway to Growth in Canada

What Do We Do?

Catalystx specializes in providing a blueprint for Canadian businesses aspiring to go international and offering a pathway for global entrepreneurs aiming to immigrate to Canada and establish a thriving business.

Who Our Customer Is?

Catalystx Co. specializes in helping Canadian businesses expand on a global scale. The Canadian businesses we are talking about are not only those established Canadian businesses interested in exporting but also the foreign entrepreneurs and overseas investors hoping to immigrate to Canada and establish or invest in a successful Canadian business. That’s why we help Canadian SMEs expand beyond Canada through Global eCommerce and support global entrepreneurs hoping to immigrate to Canada and establish an attractive, sustainable, and thriving business.

Why Do We Do Export and Immigration, Together?

Often, we are asked why we focus on export and immigration, together, in one business. The short answer is we believe in Canada and Canadian entrepreneurship, the opportunity and potential of this country is immense, but we need innovative businesses operating here to look beyond local and US markets. And we need innovative people to come here and help animate it. That’s how Canada becomes even better.

Catalystx delivers on both fronts. We help Canadian SMEs expand beyond local and US markets and support entrepreneurs from around the world interested in immigrating to this great country to start innovative and successful businesses.

How Does this Unique Vision Create Growth for Canada, Canadians, and Aspiring Canadians?

As a resource-rich country, international trade is vital to Canada's economy. Trade is a critical driver of economic growth and is strongly correlated with real gross domestic product growth.

Exporting also provides a strategically important means of growing a firm, individually. By expanding the firm’s market beyond the confines of Canada's relatively small domestic market, especially through the relatively accessible e-Commerce markets, the growth potential of Canadian SMEs is significant.

Yet, 95% of Canada’s 1.3 million+ businesses only operate domestically. And 80% of those that are export-ready businesses, only deal with one trade partner, the U.S. That’s a problem.

How the Solution to Growth is Export and Immigration, Together?

Canadian entrepreneurs need to think bigger. Competitive intensity in the domestic market is rising, and Canada's US-dependent exporting portfolio is a risk in need of mitigation.

Catalystx sees significant opportunity for business and economic growth for Canada in export on the one hand, and immigration on the other.

But we need visionaries and innovators to step up to the challenge.

Why eCommerce Is an Accessible Entry Point for New Exporters?

Why eCommerce? Not only is eCommerce becoming, if it isn’t already, the future of mainstream commerce, but it is also the most effective, efficient, and economic foreign market-entry strategy for an SME. To put it another way, Canadian companies can sell products from abroad without establishing a presence in Greater China and the six Southeast Asian countries (the SEA region). That’s an innovative and accessible way to enter a new market. And these are not small markets! China’s eCommerce alone is incredibly lucrative.

How Does Global Entrepreneur Immigration Drive Innovation in the Canadian Business Community?

Immigration plays a key role in Canadian society and the economy. Immigrants make up a significant and increasing share of the Canadian population and contribute significantly to Canada's labour force and economy.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, immigration will account for 100% of labour force growth over the next five years. Among hundreds of Canadian immigration programs, the business immigration category is one of the few programs perfectly aligning with the IRCC's immigration strategic objectives. The benefits of promoting business immigration to Canada are threefold:

  • The global entrepreneur immigrants themselves are a group of highly competent professionals.

  • Canadian governments have immediate access to overseas investors' capital and use it to fuel Canadian economic development.

  • Global entrepreneurs are required to create jobs for Canadians.

Catalystx focuses on the entrepreneur immigration pathway and works with global entrepreneurs and overseas investors to immigrate to Canada and establish attractive, sustainable, and thriving businesses, not simply buy an expensive PR card. We measure our success by their success. So, why do we do what we do?

Finally, Why We Do What We Do?

It’s simple: Because Canada's interests are our own. When our clients do well, so do we. And, in turn, so does the broader community we all live in. When these Canadian businesses are sustainable and find a way to thrive, we all benefit.

Catalystx is the pathfinder, bridging opportunities and ensuring the long-term value of our client's business outweighs short-term risks so that we achieve a whole lot more than economic value for our communities. And that’s why we do what we do.

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