What We Do?

Catalystx specializes in providing a blueprint for Canadian businesses aspiring to go international and offering a pathway for global entrepreneurs and investors aiming to immigrate to Canada and establish a thriving business.



We work on the business and do well in the business.

Catalystx is a proudly Canadian business consulting firm specializing in international expansion management. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the heart of the Canadian prairies. We help Canadian SMEs expand beyond Canada through Global eCommerce and support global entrepreneurs and investors hoping to immigrate to Canada and establish an attractive, sustainable, and thriving business.



We Redefine the Way Services are Delivered

Our team is ambitious and designed to empower visionary entrepreneurs by being a catalyst for their successful international expansions. Diversity is critical to how we operate our business, not only so that we complement each other's skillset but also to deliver comprehensive and meaningful service to our clients.

Raised in a wide variety of backgrounds, our team has connections to various parts of the world and thrives on making connections others can't or won't make.


Canada's Interests are Our Own

When our clients do well, so do we. And, in turn, so does the broader community we all live in. When these Canadian businesses are sustainable and find a way to thrive, we all benefit.

Catalystx is the pathfinder, bridging opportunities and ensuring the long-term value of our client’s business outweighs short-term risks so that we achieve a whole lot more than economic value for our communities.



Act as an Owner

We are self-motivated, proactive, and action-orientated. We take initiative in pursuit of innovation. And we extend this way of thinking to our clients. That’s why we put skin in the game. If you grow, so do we. And we hope that provides clients peace of mind. Because this is a team game. And to win, we need to work together.

Led by Creativity

For what we’re doing, there are no textbooks to learn from, and innovation is our only way forward. To succeed, our partners need to be bold too. Together, we’re building something new and, in time, it will leave a legacy of successful Canadian businesses and business expansions.

Grow Sustainably

We believe People and the Planet matter as much as Profit, and we consider each to be a key benchmark in how we help our clients grow sustainably. We believe in doing the right thing, and that good things come from respecting the people around us and the environment we live in.