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What We Do?

Catalystx is a strategy consulting firm specializing in helping Canadian businesses grow internationally.
We prepare Canadian SMEs to be export-ready and support overseas entrepreneurs and investors hoping to immigrate to Canada and establish a thriving and sustainable business.


Who We Are?

We are a team of MBAs and visionary entrepreneurs. Raised in a wide variety of backgrounds, our team has the expertise and connections to various parts of the world. We complement each other's skillset and thrive on making impacts others can't or won't make to create value for our clients.

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What We Value Most?


We aim for Canada first, always. We partner with innovative leaders and visionaries who seize opportunities to grow their businesses because entrepreneurs like these bring a whole lot more than economic value to our communities.


In all our projects, we act like an owner. Being an owner means having the wits and guts to take responsibility and being okay with discomfort. Because reward requires risk, and risk is easier said than done.


Innovation is our starting point. This approach means coming to a challenge or problem in a positive way and working through barriers and opportunities with creativity and passion.


In everything we do, We take a long view. Whether helping your business grow and thrive or being mindful of our ecological surroundings, we value sustainability and longevity. It's just the right thing to do.


Our approach to collaboration with industry leaders and visionaries is much like our approach to our clients. We look for synergies and aim to create something greater than the sum of its parts. 
Our role as a catalyst means sparking a connection and leveraging strategic partnerships so that our client's business benefits.

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