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Elevate Your Global Success

Catalystx empowers Canadian businesses and foreign investors in Canada by providing comprehensive and tailored solutions for international market expansion.


Services for Emerging Canadian Exporters

Exports enable businesses to reach beyond Canada's modest domestic market, boosting growth and aligning with real GDP growth. With 15 FTAs connecting to 51+ global economies, Canada is well-positioned for international trade. Yet, only 5% of Canadian businesses engage in global trade, and nearly 80% focus solely on the U.S. market. It's time for Canadian companies to embrace diversification and explore exciting export opportunities in regions like the Indo-Pacific. If you're an emerging Canadian exporter, whether new to exporting or seeking to diversify your trade destinations in the Indo-Pacific region, we're here to help you soar.

Overseas Markets Exploratory Facilitation

Our services help Canadian businesses explore new markets, bridge intercultural gaps, and manage vendor performance. We provide interpretation, business negotiation facilitation, marketing adaptation, event coordination, IP support, and expert guidance for navigating "Guanxi" and other intercultural communication barriers.

E-commerce Onboarding & Integration - Indo-Pacific

In the expansive Indo-Pacific market, accounting for 90% of global e-commerce growth, adopting cross-border e-commerce as a market-entry strategy is crucial. Our service tackles challenges like unfamiliar platforms and cultural differences, ensuring your success. We manage onboarding applications, integrate your operations with local e-commerce ecosystems, and optimize your online presence for an exceptional customer experience and maximum ROI.

Long-term Market-entry
Strategy Development

Navigating international trade can be daunting due to its complexities and risks. Our strategic planning service aims to minimize these challenges, ensuring solid returns on your investment for mid- to long-term growth. We provide a tailored, comprehensive strategy outlining your market entry path, steps to success, and the scope, budget, and timelines involved, while assisting you in accessing government funding.

Services for
Foreign Investors
to Canada

Seize the opportunity to prosper in Canada's stable investment climate, rich resources, and North American access point, while enjoying an exceptional quality of life for your family. Catalystx streamlines the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) journey with tailored guidance and expertise, ensuring foreign investors and entrepreneurs effortlessly transition through Canada's immigration system, build thriving businesses, and bolster the nation's economic development.

Canada Exploratory 

We assist foreign investors in discovering Canada as a prime investment destination and potential new home for their families, and offer dedicated support for visa applications, exploratory visits, site selection, incoming mission coordination, and assistance in connecting alliances, partners, joint ventures, or sources of capital.

Foreign Investment Plan Development

We craft a comprehensive business establishment plan, a crucial component of your application to the Canadian government. This plan not only plays a pivotal role in your application process but also serves as the foundation for your new venture, guiding you towards success and sustainability.

Business Immigration Consulting & Management

With 29 entrepreneur immigration pathways available, we assess your venture's readiness and the feasibility of your investment in Canada. Collaboratively, we select the most suitable path for you and your family, handling project management from nomination to permanent residency application.

Start-up Coaching & Business Launch

Launch your business with confidence in Canada. Our team is dedicated to supporting your success by providing a range of services, including permitting assistance, incorporation support, regulatory compliance guidance, funding opportunities, and (once again) expert advice for building relationships and navigating intercultural communication barriers.


Catalystx Canada

Established in 2015, Catalystx brings together a diverse team dedicated to assisting Canadian exporters and foreign investors and entrepreneurs in their expansion endeavours. Motivated by our love for Canada, we aim to propel local businesses onto the global stage and express our gratitude to the nation we hold dear.

Our dynamic team consists of versatile and complementary talents. We synergize our unique skillsets and excel at creating value for our clients by making meaningful impacts that others cannot or will not achieve.

Collaborative Synergy with Industry Leaders and Visionaries

Our approach to partnering with industry leaders mirrors our client relationships, focusing on synergies and creating value beyond individual contributions. As a catalyst, we forge connections and strategic partnerships that drive mutual benefits and propel our clients' businesses forward.

Our Clients

We consider it a privilege to work with local SMEs, emerging Canadian exporters, and foreign investors from various sectors, ranging from Agri-food to Tourism, and assist them in accelerating their business growth on a global level. We take great pride in this partnership.

Foreign Investors

Explore Our Pricing Options

A business needs to grow to thrive. A small upfront investment into new markets can provide significant returns over time, increase revenues and provide cash flow stability, while making your business more robust. To show we have skin in the game, at Catalystx, our revenue is primarily tied to your growth. If you grow, we grow. We consider this a win-win. 

  • Best Value

    Kick-off Session

    Assessment of goals, feasibility, & readiness for expansion
    • 1:1 45-minute Session
    • Tailored Diagnosis & Recommendations

Elevate your business with Catalystx, where our passionate and diverse team propels Canadian exporters and attracts foreign investors, all to give back to the nation we love. Join us today for an inspiring journey to success!

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